Our jewellery was first created using gold plated and silver plated material. Now that our business is growing we are transitioning to gold filled, recycled sterling silver and recycled solid gold. This helps to increase the quality and improve the longevity of our jewellery pieces so that you can pass your jewellery pieces onto your loved ones.

Our Metal

Gold plated and silver plated

These pieces are created through a process of electroplating. A thin layer of gold or silver is overlayed over a base metal such as brass, steel or copper. Gold plated and silver plated requires more care. Please avoid wearing these whilst exercising or swimming for these pieces to increase longevity, as well as spraying perfumes or applying creams directly to jewellery.

Gold Filled

Gold filled pieces are created by using heat and pressure to bond a thick layer of gold to base metals such as sterling silver, brass or copper. This creates a more durable and long-lasting bond. Gold filled pieces require polishing with a soft cloth every few months. Make sure to avoid household chemical sprays to increase longevity. Don't wear your gold filled jewellery while exercising or swimming.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver with the remaining 7.5% being made of other alloy metals such as copper or steel. The copper or steel makes the silver more durable and harder. Sterling silver can tarnish so to avoid this make sure your jewellery is kept away from over exposure to air, safely in an air tight jewellery box or pouch. We recommend avoid spraying perfume while wearing your sterling silver jewellery and swimming in chlorine or exercising.

Solid Gold

Our gold is made from 9ct yellow gold. Gold typically is too soft in its purest form (24ct yellow gold), so 9ct yellow gold has a mix of metals which increases its durability and strength and is able to make other gold colours such as rose gold or white gold. Solid gold is much more expensive than gold filled or gold plating due to its high anti-tarnish, high water resistant, higher quality and higher value. The difference between 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 24ct gold is that 24ct, the highest solid gold, is much more yellow in colour and 100% solid gold making it more expensive than 9ct gold. However, all forms of solid gold is longer lasting when cared for properly. Cleaning your solid gold pieces with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush or jewellery cleaning cloth will maintain its shine. Please note that your gold pieces will inevitably have markings and tarnishing when worn daily.

Our Opals

Our opals are all natural and hand carefully chosen. Opals are one of the most fragile gemstones. It is recommended to not wear them everyday. We make sure our opal settings are carefully set and hold the opals in place to avoid the opals being knocked against a hard surface. If your opal is knocked against a hard surface it usually goes unnoticed however, it can cause the opal prong setting to move and eventually go missing.

Most opals cannot absorb water as it will discolour and become cloudy overtime. These include some Ethiopian and some Mexican opals. Opals can also easily crack so be careful when wearing your opal jewellery.

The opals we use are Ethiopian opals, Mexican opals and Australian opals. 

It is recommended to not wear your rings or necklaces set with Ethiopian or Mexican opals whilst showering or swimming as it cannot absorb water. This will cause the opal to eventually become cloudy and lose its colour overtime. 

Australian opals have a wide range of different types of opals. The Australian opals we use include boulder opal, black opal, white opal and pipe opal.

To clean your opal jewellery we recommend to avoid bleach or cleaning chemicals. You can use a soft toothbrush and mild soap to gently brush your opal jewellery.

Our Gemstones

We use natural gemstones unless otherwise stated. If you would prefer to use lab gemstones, please contact us via email to discuss your gemstones options.

Our Pearls

We use natural and Swarovski pearls. Our pearls are durable however, to care for your pearls, avoid any house-hold chemicals and spraying any perfumes whilst wearing your pearl jewellery. We recommend cleaning your pearl jewellery by rubbing it with a jewellery cleaning cloth.


Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh™ embarks on a new narrative where free thinking inspires a pioneering format for the future, where the age of imagination is the product of reality.

Inspired by Virgil’s vision and approach to his art, Off-White™ nourishes a collective of creative minds that represent the best in their category and have a strong and personal connection with Virgil. Ibrahim’s relationship with Virgil and Off-White™, born and nurtured through Instagram DMs, blossomed both personally and professionally over the last 3 years creating a strong bond based on mutual respect and shared values.

“Making a successful luxury brand in nine years is genius. It’s a feat that I admire and hope to continue building upon with a rich legacy. He revolutionised streetwear and luxury that crosses generations and decades. He showed the world that the underrepresented, the underdogs and Black people, in particular, have brilliant minds and can push and compete equally in the establishment. He inspired hope and brought about change.” - Ibrahim Kamara, Art&Image Director Off-White™